Work alongside a trusted partner
with a shared safety mission

We understand and value your commitment to safety excellence and keeping your employees - and ours - safe. It's a key reason why our customers choose to partner with us - to ensure that everyone gets home safely to their families, every day. An incident-free workplace is a shared philosophy ingrained into every aspect of our operations, and a core value that is never compromised. 

We are committed to exceeding compliance when it comes to working safely. Your safety mission is our safety mission. We ensure all of our employees understand and demonstrate responsible safety competency as it pertains to their role. 

How do we keep our people - and yours - safe?

  • Provide industry recognized training for all employees
  • Execute a behaviour-based safety program
  • Consistent planning, supervision and company-wide communication
  • Standardized hazard and incident reporting following site-specific safety plans
  • State-of-the-art monitors, PPE and safety equipment
  • Daily equipment inspection and maintenance
  • Sub-contractor pre-qualification programs
  • Daily, weekly and monthly safety meetings
  • Safety audits