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Customized Remediation and Reclamation Solutions

When a project is complete and it's time to return the site to its original state, it's time to call our Remediation and Reclamation (Rem/Rec) team. Our tailored Rem/Rec consulting process spans everything from:

  • Assessment/Site investigation (Phase I and II)
  • Groundwater investigation 
  • Guideline development
  • Soil and groundwater monitoring
  • Phase III remediation
  • Restoration of vegetation
  • Reclamation certificate application

Beyond managing the tasks at hand, our innovative team of scientists participate in research to ensure cutting edge options are available for our clients. Our Remediation and Reclamation services are a part of our Area Based Closure Program. This program is promoted by the Alberta Energy Regulator, and can generate significant cost savings for our customers. 


Understanding the impact and risk to the environment is important. Our methods of site assessment and remediation are developed with:

  • Regulatory compliance considerations 
  • Site specific conditions 
  • Client specified drivers such as timing and cost

Each site-specific assessment will be different and we treat them as such. This helps to guide remedial activities for any type of project we may come across, from the simplest pathway exclusion to in-depth risk-based guideline development.

Our remedial options for emergency spill response or historical releases are developed using a host of site-specific information derived from:

  • Desk top studies
  • Soil and groundwater investigations
  • In-house geophysical services

Our diverse range of environmental remediation options for soil and groundwater can be applied, including excavation for landfill disposal, monitored natural attenuation or groundwater extraction and treatment. Environmental remediation can take place in conjunction with facility decommissioning services, including hazardous materials assessment.

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Access to resource is a privilege. The best way to honour that is to ensure we can help resources recover after extraction. Our technical staff have depth of experience providing:

  • Reclamation project scoping
  • Cost estimation
  • Supervision services
  • Regulatory compliance

We offer this to complete surface reclamation for abandoned wellsites and related facilities located in various terrain and soil conditions throughout western Canada.

We can complete the required soil, vegetation and landscape assessment, as well as report and professional sign-off, in addition to:

  • Surface reclamation
  • Abandoned site monitoring
  • Maintenance
  • Site closure 

Our teams are dedicated to helping clients reclaim the land and are proud to be a part of the completion of successful reclamation projects.

Site Rehabilitation Program

We're here to help you participate in the Government of Alberta's Site Rehabilitation Program. Our group of abandonment and environmental professionals understand the importance of this stimulus package and the opportunity it gives many of our customers.

Our goal is customer-focused and based on creating and maintaining long-term business relationships. SECURE'S priority is to ensure the work that we do is done professionally, efficiently and purposefully. Sites that we work on will move forward in their rehabilitation process and will benefit the operators by lowering their liabilities.