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Responsibly managing resources and being a good neighbour go hand-in-hand for us.

We are guided by our values and expectations to live and work the SECURE way. Our mission and purpose guide us to help our customers by challenging what's possible so we can deliver energy to the world so people and communities thrive. Our responsibilities are important to us:

Being responsible and minimizing our impact on the environment while ensuring we are creating meaningful relationships in our operating communities, allows us to Do Midstream Differently.

Health and Safety

Everyone Goes Home Safe.

We care about the well-being of our people and our neighbours; this means doing everything safely and mindfully. Our leadership, employees and contractors set the example by starting everything with personal safety awareness that includes hazard assessment, consideration of our Health and Safety policy, 8 Life Saving Rules and having the proper controls in place to undertake their work. We want everyone to go home safe.

Environment & Regulatory

We care about protecting the environment and have the strictest regulatory compliance. 

Taking responsibility for and ensuring that we are managing our business to limit our impact to the environment is important to us. We do this through thoughtful engagement with our stakeholders, listening to concerns, consulting and compliance with our industry's high standards around:

  • Water
  • Air
  • Land
  • Sustainability

We are taking the time to ensure what we are doing today is not damaging future environmental prospects. We do this because it's the right thing to do. You can find the 2020 sustainability report here (PDF). 

Our Operations

Stakeholder Engagement 

Listening and engaging.

SECURE builds lasting relationships through engagement and discussions with a focus on respect, diversity and inclusion.

Being a good neighbour is important to us. We make sure we are really connecting with and listening to all of our stakeholders, including our indigenous friends, landowners and all of our regulatory colleagues.

Community Investment

Helping our neighbours, customers and communities thrive.

It all starts where we live and work. SECURE believes in sharing success with the local communities where we operate. We give back with our time and our giving.

  • Volunteering
  • Funding

We want to deliver energy to the world so people and communities thrive. Giving back in our communities is vital to making our purpose a reality.


The Board of Directors leads the governance of SECURE.

Our vision to Do Midstream Differently requires thoughtful authority, compliance with all laws, decision making and the highest ethical standards. Our Board of Directors provides this corporate governance on behalf of all shareholders. Our processes and procedures and guidelines support the Board in conjunction with its legal obligations and mandate from the shareholders to oversee and direct the affairs of SECURE.

Board Committees:

  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Corporate Governance and Nominating
  • Compensation
  • Audit

Our board has a broad diverse background and the experience and skills that includes members with a broad range of experience and expertise so that they are able to effectively carry out its mandate. The Board currently consists of ten directors. Of these, eight are independent directors.