2021 Report
2021 ESG Metrics

Who We Are

SECURE is an energy infrastructure and environmental business delivering customer solutions across Western Canada, North Dakota and Oklahoma.

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, SECURE has over 2,000 employees. Our unique culture is driven by entrepreneurial  spirit, motivation and hard work that enables us to carefully consider our stakeholders’ needs and deliver innovative  solutions. Our business was founded on reducing environmental impact; our future success relies on incorporating ESG goals and commitments into our company’s growth strategy, future endeavors and day-to-day operations.

Founded in 2007, SECURE was established as a customer-focused organization with a single facility south of Grande  Prairie. With a focus on providing economic, sustainable solutions to our customers, SECURE and Tervita merged in July 2021. As a combined company, we have greater capabilities to serve our customers with enhanced efficiencies and geographic coverage. One thing that has not changed is our commitment to helping our customers by challenging what’s  possible. The combined company elevates our position to accelerate SECURE’s environmental and social sustainability initiatives for the benefit of all stakeholders.


Team SECURE: 2,050 Employees

Operating Areas: Western Canada, North Dakota and Oklahoma, USA

Facility Types: 

  • 27 Landfills (owned, operated or marketed)

  • 7 Bioremediation Facilities

  • 61 Midstream  Processing Facilities

  • 16 Stand-Alone Water Disposal Facilities

  • 5 Metals Recycling Sites

  • 3 Hazardous Waste Transfer Stations

  • 3 Cavern Disposal

  • 2 NORM Management Facilities

  • 6 Laydown Yard

  • 1 Filtration Process Yard

Community Participation:

  • $540,000 in Community Investment

  • $10.5 MM spent with 89 Indigenous suppliers

  • 21 Indigenous Partnerships


- Total Revenue $1.16B (excludes oil purchase and resale)

- Adjusted EBITDA1 $386MM


1Adjusted EBITDA is a non-GAAP financial measure. Refer to the “Forward-looking Statements and Other Advisories” section

What We Do

We strive for sustainable performance in our own operations and are a dedicated sustainability partner to our customers. The work we do is designed to reduce environmental impact and to deliver sustainable and economic solutions. We operate through the following two reporting segments:

Midstream Infrastructure includes a network of midstream processing and storage facilities and crude oil and water pipelines located throughout key resource plays in Western Canada, North Dakota and Oklahoma. SECURE’s midstream  infrastructure operations generate cash flows from oil production processing and disposal, produced water disposal, and crude oil storage, logistics and marketing.

Environmental Solutions and Fluid Management includes a network of owned, operated and marketed industrial landfills, hazardous and nonhazardous waste management and disposal; onsite abandonment, environmental solutions for site remediation and reclamation, bioremediation and treatment technologies, water treatment and recycling, emergency response, rail services, metal recycling services and fluid management for drilling, completion and production activities. Services offered include disposal of oilfield and industrial solid wastes into SECURE’s landfill network located in Western Canada and North Dakota; project assessment and planning; decommissioning and demolition, remediation and reclamation and emergency response. Metal recycling services include the purchase and processing of ferrous and non-ferrous metals recovered from demolition sites and other locations.


Customer Focus

We strive to partner with our customers to help them meet their ESG commitments while delivering on our own. As a combined company, SECURE now offers more services to our customers through its reporting segments: Midstream Infrastructure and Environmental Solutions and Fluid Management. We are dedicated to creating value for our customers by providing innovative solutions and services that help lower costs, decrease emissions and improve community and social well-being.

Servicing our Customers through Midstream Infrastructure 

  • Strategically locating Midstream Infrastructure near customer production to reduce transportation requirements for hauling oil, waste and water for processing and disposal
  • Building oil and water pipelines that connect customer production to our facilities, reducing the emissions with trucking
  • Consolidating volumes from multiple producers in fit-for-purpose facilities, reducing our customers’ capital requirements and the overall environmental impact of our operations
  • Recovering pipeline quality crude oil from waste

Servicing our Customers through Environmental Solutions

  • Executing projects across Canada on-time and on-budget while focusing on recycling materials
  • Providing scrap metal recycling services; recycling scrap metal is less emission intensive than producing metal products from virgin resources
  • Offering lower carbon intense waste management options for our waste services customers

Emerging Technology

Exploring emerging technology and novel
application of existing technologies to assist customers with reducing the emission intensity of their operations.

Respectful Engagement

Building lasting relationships with Indigenous communities through respectful engagement and providing opportunities for economic participation in support of Truth and Reconciliation.

Sustainability Partner

SECURE is a dedicated sustainability partner to our customers and we work collaboratively to challenge what’s possible and to develop innovative solutions that are both cost effective and minimize environmental impacts while providing community benefits.


Wind Turbine Decommissioning


In September 2021, SECURE’s Environmental Solutions team decommissioned a wind turbine in southern Alberta that was at the end of its useable lifespan. Due to the age of the turbine, decommissioning through disassembly was impractical. The site was previously home to seven vertical axis wind turbines and the underground foundations required removal in conjunction with the decommissioning.

Additionally, the turbine’s location next to municipal sewage lagoon infrastructure needed to be taken into consideration. Through this project, SECURE demonstrated business resiliency by providing Environmental Services within the green economy with:


Tonnes of steel separated and recycled for highest credits


Tonnes of concrete recycled locally


Tonnes of non-recyclable demolition waste sent to local landfills


Hectares of land was reclaimed back to agricultural land



B.C. Emergency Flood Response

In the fall of 2021, the lower mainland of Vancouver and Fraser Valley, British Columbia were severely impacted by
atmospheric rivers, which brought heavy rain resulting in catastrophic flooding and landslides. The floodwaters shut down major highways and railways cutting off transportation routes to the east.

SECURE’s Emergency Response Team was contracted to respond in repairing multiple sections of the impacted railway. SECURE crews worked around the clock and mobilized the team to three separate landslide sites that affected a combined area of 10 hectares. Working together with other emergency responders, SECURE moved 200,000 m3 of soil and assisted in the repair to multiple sections of the compromised railway network.

The crew faced challenging working conditions and hazards with inclement weather events, including landslides, avalanches and extreme cold. Despite the challenges, no reportable injuries were recorded. In addition, the sites were completely cut off at times from services via road and rail and supplies and equipment were delivered by helicopter.