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Rewards and Benefits

Without question, Team SECURE is our most valuable resource.

The successful merger with Tervita more than doubled our workforce and significantly accelerated our ability to deliver on our long-term strategic goals.

Continuing to attract, retain and engage top talent is a critical element in our ability to thrive as a sustainable organization  and ensure the mutual success of all stakeholders. 2021 marked a year of evolution for SECURE. The merger with Tervita required an immediate and disciplined focus toward integrating the people, systems and operations of both organizations. We are proud of our ability to provide a respectful and safe work environment for our employees, across Western Canada and the U.S.

2021 Highlights 


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Building the New SECURE

People Integration

SECURE took a phased approach to creating our new organization, beginning at the senior leadership level then engaging additional leaders as we progressed the organizational design throughout the business. This approach produced highly competent and capable teams, reflective of both legacy businesses, who were passionate about untapping the full collective potential of the new organization.

“Taking a phased approach in designing the new organization structure enabled us to build a purpose-driven team of talented individuals with representation from both organizations. Today, the team represents a balanced combined company with 47% legacy SECURE employees and 53% legacy Tervita employees.”

-Michael Parnetta, Vice President, People and Culture

Total Rewards

Building and sustaining a market-competitive compensation and benefits package that attracts and retains key talent, aligns with business strategy and links employees’ success to the success of the business is a fundamental aspect of our ability to compete and grow the company.

Both legacy companies’ benefits and savings plans and wellness programs were reviewed and the new organization’s combined volume and depth was leveraged to identify one common provider. By the end of 2021, we successfully migrated all employees onto a comprehensive, market-leading benefits and savings program. 

People Programs

Health and Wellness

SECURE recognizes that a job is much more than a pay cheque. This is why we actively support the health and wellness of employees and their families through benefit plans that subsidize most, if not all, of the cost of most health services, including:

  • Medical and dental coverage for employees and their families, including a Health Care Spending Account
  • Income protection for medical and disability leaves
  • Employee and family assistance program
  • SECURE’s Occupational Health & Wellness team includes a full-time Registered Nurse and focuses on the delivery of health, wellness and disability related programs that support all employees
  • Proactive health management is encouraged through SECURE’s direct support of individual physical or mental well-being goals each year through the Wellness Reimbursement Program, with reimbursements of $758,000 made to our employees in 2021
  • From a financial wellness perspective, our newly designed savings plan provides employees with a variety of investment  options to support their diverse retirement planning needs, receiving matching contributions from SECURE of up to 5% of salary

These non-salary compensation elements make a difference in Team SECURE’s lives and are important steps in creating a happy, safe and productive workplace.

Pay for Performance

Beyond personal health and financial wellness, the objectives of our short-term and long-term incentives and recognition programs are aligned to support and reward a strong health and safety culture and responsible environmental stewardship and governance.


The continued growth and development of our employees is a strategic priority at SECURE. We are focused on increasing the capability of leaders at all levels and maximizing the collective potential of our entire employee base. Key learning themes are designed to support the current and future evolution of our business. Learning and development played a key  role in the integration of the legacy Tervita business over the last half of 2021. In total, employees spent approximately 2,090 hours on leadership and personal development training in 2021.

Our online learning management system (LMS)  enabled us to conduct important awareness training courses such as IT Security Awareness and ESG Awareness training. In addition, the LMS allowed all employees to efficiently review and acknowledge their understanding of and adherence to key company governance policies, such as the Code of Business Conduct and Workplace Non-Discrimination policies.

Diversity of Thought

SECURE recognizes that embracing diversity and inclusion makes us a stronger organization through enhanced leadership, increased innovation and improved overall levels of engagement.

One way SECURE promotes and encourages diversity of thought is through online self-assessment tools. Employees have access to a virtual learning platform that helps them understand their own behavioural style and learn more about how their unique approach can improve teamwork, communication and productivity in the workplace. Encouraging employees to respect and embrace diversity of thought on the team is crucial in our ability to create a work environment where people feel a sense of belonging and are inspired to bring their best, natural contribution.

“We believe that diverse backgrounds, experiences, skills and thought processes are critical when building strong teams and developing creative and innovative solutions.”

-Jennifer Smith, Director, Learning and Culture

This program has been in place for over a decade at SECURE, with hundreds of employees having participated. In 2021, 169 employees completed an online workplace profile.

Looking Ahead

  • SECURE is investing significant resources in 2022 to accelerate our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). We will be launching organization-wide DEI training with additional Unconscious Bias training for those in leadership positions
  • In 2022, SECURE is implementing “Employee Voice”, a best-in-class employee survey and feedback module. Built on advanced natural language processing and machine-learning algorithms, Employee Voice will help SECURE identify and understand what our employees care most about so we can improve their experiences along their journey with SECURE
  • SECURE selected emerging leaders within the organization to participate in the 2022 Avatar Innovations Ignite program. Avatar Innovations is an industry led collaboration focused on developing and implementing real-world business solutions  for the energy transformation