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Originally done face-to-face on site, our facility orientations will now be completed digitally, through ComplyWorks.

Vendors and contractors are asked to take SECURE’s digital facility orientation in advance of arrival – on your own time, ahead of time. That being said, we will still carry out short site-specific orientations upon arrival to our sites.

To complete the orientation, simply:

Enter your name, email and orientation code that applies to you, here
  1. Fluids Facility Orientation – for water hauling, oil hauling, Vac truck disposal, etc.
    Code: XHHUTT
  2. Landfill Facility Orientation – for leachate transport, dirt trucks, etc.
    Code: ZREHXT
  3. Contractors Facility Orientation – for contract work for SECURE
    Code: AETKTB

Note: Please do NOT sign into your ComplyWorks account if you have one. Only the codes below and your name are needed for this course.

SECURE requires that all individuals read and acknowledge the orientation.

If you have any ComplyWorks access issues, please reach out to SECURE's Supply Chain team

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