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Proposed Site Locations

SECURE ENERGY is looking to construct and operate a new oilfield waste landfill on crown land approximately 9 km southeast of the community of Wonowon in the Peace River District of British Colombia. As a result, SECURE is working with the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) on hosting a public comment period and open house for consultation.

The site was identified as the most suitable location after evaluating several potential options in the region. The criteria used for selecting the site was based on:

  • Suitable geological (clay) conditions
  • Minimal visual, traffic and noise impact
  • Proximity to market
  • Appropriate roadway access
  • Existing infrastructure
  • Provincial regulatory requirements
  • Adjacent land use Descriptive

The facility will consist of a series of landfill cells to be developed over the life of the facility. It will also have above-ground storage tanks for leachate (water run-off from snow and rain) prior to being trucked away to an approved facility for off-site deep well disposal. The site will also include a scale, scale house/field office, small waste quality control lab, garage and a control pond to collect water that doesn’t encounter waste.

The secure landfill will accept non-hazardous and select hazardous waste, but not wastes prohibited by BC Regulations. Waste types accepted will be generated primarily by oil and gas producers in the area, such as:

  • Drill cuttings and drilling muds

  • Residual solids from spill cleanups

  • Residual solids from treatment processes

  • Contaminated soil from remediation/reclamation

  • Frac ring liners

  • Spill materials

  • WILL NOT ACCEPT municipal or liquid waste

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Health, Safety and the Environment

At SECURE, being safe, protecting the environment, and being a good neighbour in the communities where we live and work is important. Our commitment starts with every single person going home safe.

The project is undergoing an environmental assessment through the BC Environmental Assessment Office (the EAO). The 2002 Act explains the environmental assessment process for projects like this. 

We are the experienced owner and operator of six existing industrial landfills. We design our facilities above regulatory standards with composite liners and leachate collection system. A series of groundwater monitoring wells will be installed and tested twice a year by a third-party contractor and the results of the monitoring program will be submitted to BC Ministry of Environment for review.

An all-weather tipping pad will be implemented within the landfill cells to ensure safe, stable unloading areas for trucks entering the facility and to minimize tracking of waste that could make contact with truck tires.


Environmental Protection Features


  • Groundwater monitoring wells are installed on-site prior to operations and monitoring occurs twice annually
  • All leachate which encounters the waste contents of an active cell will be treated and collected in tanks and be safely disposed in accordance with provincial requirements
  • All water which falls outside of active waste cells will collect in the run-off control pond, tested and released if analysis meets discharge criteria


  • Optimum natural site conditions with extensive clay soil deposits
  • Engineered composite liner design with leachate collection
  • During cell construction, topsoil and subsoil will be salvaged and stored for future cell closure and reclamation purposes
  • Each landfill cell, once filled to its design capacity, is to be capped with clay, topsoil replaced and re-vegetated progressively


  • The proposed site will be fenced to prevent access by wildlife
  • The site design, construction and operating procedures ensure minimal impact to wildlife and local aquatic habitat
  • Wildlife interactions will be recorded in a logbook and shared with B.C. Environment and Park wildlife managers

Environmental Impact


Air Quality Management:

  • No odour at or beyond 100 meters from the waste unloading area
  • Leachate from the landfill is stored in tanks as opposed to leachate storage ponds (which can cause odour)
  • Removal of leachate from storage tanks occurs regularly and is safely transported and disposed through a regulated process

Traffic and Noise

  • The proposed landfill will typically operate from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
  • Approximately 15 - 20 trucks are expected daily
  • Onsite operational noise will consist of trucks unloading into the cells and a dozer for solids handling
  • Proposed landfill provides a local option for solid waste truck traffic currently utilizing regional highways in the area, decreasing commercial truck traffic on local highways and reducing overall traffic and long-term road damage

Community Benefits

  • Employment of six full-time positions:
    • One facility manager
    • One facility administrator
    • Four facility operators
  • Site construction opportunities
  • Local trucking and contracting opportunities
  • Community investment through charitable giving, sponsorship and employee volunteerism


Get Involved

Consultation with the public and interested stakeholders is important aspect of the proposed SECURE Wonowon Landfill Project. As part of this Application Information Requirements phase of the project, the BC Environmental Assessment Office (EAO) is inviting the public to attend a second live Virtual Open House on the Wonowon Landfill. In lead up to the next live event, watch the first session with SECURE and the EAO.  

The purpose of the live event will be to present the environmental assessment process, an overview of the proposed landfill and to answer your questions. Check back often for more information on future live events.

All comments on the Project are to be directed to SECURE ENERGY's Stakeholder Relations team

To learn more on the project, visit the EAO's project page.