SECURE's Stampede Stomp Raises $70K for CIS and KidSport

Secure Stampede Stomp raises money for Canadian Sport Institute

July 2014

SECURE's Annual Stampede Party, "The SECURE Stomp" was fortunate this year to have incredible weather and an incredible turnout. The 1,100 guests in attendance enjoyed the sunshine on the huge rooftop patio at National on 8th. Stampede’s hottest day, at 31C, could not burn out our party as the guests soaked each other with water guns and used SECURE-branded sunscreen and sunglasses to beat the heat.

Mingling in the crowd were also some big name guests. Seven 2014 Canadian Olympic athletes including Gilmore Junio, Denny Morrison and Alex Gough partied with guests and helped make the day that much more memorable for them.

The event wasn’t complete without the exciting live auction that helped raise money for KidSport and Canadian Sport Institute: two causes that are important to SECURE. Guests eagerly bid on items and brought in an unbelievable $35,000. That amount was matched by SECURE to total $70,000.