Pipeline Safety – a Shared Responsibility

Safety is a priority to us. We encourage you to review the content provided to understand your contribution to pipeline safety and what to do in the case of ground disturbance or an oil release. 


Right-of-Way Activities

A pipeline is installed within a strip of land referred to as a Right-of-Way. SECURE has acquired rights to use this land for the construction, operation and maintenance of its pipelines, however, ownership of the land remains with the landowner. Activities within the right of way are governed by the provincial and federal regulations and easement agreements negotiated between the landowner and SECURE.

The prescribed area, also known as the safety zone, extends 300 metres (984 feet) on either side of the centreline of the pipe. Ground disturbance activities within this zone require consent from SECURE and contact Click Before you Dig to locate the pipe.

To ensure safety, contact SECURE and Click or Call Before you Dig if you plan on conducting these activities within the Right-of-Way:

  • Operating vehicles or mobile equipment on/over the Right-of-Way
  • Reducing the depth of soil covering the pipeline
  • Agricultural Ploughing or Tilling 45 cm and below
  • Gardening or ground levelling below 30 cm (1 foot)
  • Planting trees or hedges
  • Installing drainage systems, pools or hot tubs, expanding your home’s footprint
  • Augering
  • Fencing


Click or Call Before you Dig

Before You Dig programs reduce damage and associated costs to essential underground facilities, such as a pipelines, and enhance safety for the public, contractors, structures and emergency services.

In Saskatchewan, the Click or Call Before you Dig is Sask 1st Call. This service is for anyone planning to dig or excavate and provides underground facility screening and notification for excavators. SECURE will be notified if a call is made regarding a request to dig so we can mark the pipeline in your dig area. The area will be marked with paint, stakes or flags. Markings are valid for 10 business days after placement. Do not dig until all facilities have been marked. Contact Sask 1st Call at least 2 full working days before your proposed excavation (not including the day of request).

SASK 1st Call

    • Online: sask1stcall.com
    • Download Sask1st Call app for free
    • Call: 1-866-828-4888 (#4888 on the SaskTel wireless network)


Pipeline MarkerPipeline Markers

SECURE marks the presence of its pipelines with pipeline markers spaced along the Right-of-Way. Although the markers identify that a pipeline is in the area, they cannot be relied upon to give an exact location or depth of the pipeline.

The markers indicate that SECURE owns the pipeline, the type of product being transported and an emergency contact number: 1-877-518-4321



Know the signs of an Oil Pipeline Release



  • A moist patch or pool of liquid on the ground in the right-of-way area
  • Liquid spraying over the pipeline
  • A rainbow sheen on a water source
  • Discoloured vegetation on or near a pipeline
  • Stained or melted snow or ice over pipeline area



  • An odour like gasoline or diesel fuel or rotten egg odour



  • A roaring, blowing or hissing sound which may be an indication
    of a pipeline leak


If you notice any of the above signs and in case of Emergency

  1. Safely turn off mechanized equipment and evacuate the area
  2. Call 911
  3. Call the toll-free, 24-hour SECURE emergency number 1-877-518-4321
  4. Follow instructions provided to you by SECURE and local emergency responders 

How to reach SECURE


Head Office: 1-403-984-6100

For General Questions and Road Use Agreements:
Tarra Eggers
780 357 5640

Mail: ATTN: Chris Walsh

3600 205 5th Ave SW

Calgary, Alberta

T2P 2V7

Facebook: facebook.com/SECUREEnergyServicesInc/


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