SECURE's pipeline system is governed under rules and reguations set by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources 

Click Before You Dig

Click Before You Dig programs reduce damage and associated costs to essential underground facilities, such as a pipeline, and enhances safety for the public, contractors, structures and emergency services.

In Saskatchewan, the Click or Call Before you Dig is Sask 1st Call. This service is for anyone planning to dig or excavate and provides underground facility screening and notification for excavators. SECURE will be notified if a call is made regarding a request to dig so we can mark the pipeline in your dig area. The area will be marked with paint, stakes or flags. Markings are valid for 10 business days after placement. Do not dig until all facilities have been marked. Contact Sask 1st Call at least 2 full working days before your proposed excavation (not including the day of request).

  • Online:
  • Download Sask1st Call app for free
  • Call: 1-866-828-4888 (#4888 on the SaskTel wireless network)

Know the signs of an Oil Pipeline Release


  • A moist patch or pool of liquid on the ground in the Right-of-Way area
  • Liquid spraying over the pipeline
  • A rainbow sheen on a water source
  • Discoloured vegetation on or near a pipeline
  • Stained or melted snow or ice over pipeline area


  •  An odour like gasoline or diesel fuel or rotten egg odour


  • A roaring, blowing or hissing sound which may be an indication of a pipeline leak

SECURE’s Safety Protocol

SECURE operates in a sustainable way, by going above and beyond to ensure that the industry and communities we serve are enriched and protected for future generations. With a focus on protecting the environment, SECURE is proud of our commitment to exceed regulatory requirements with our products and services. Safety and environmental responsibility is at the forefront of everything we do.