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Our experience providing innovative and effective drilling fluids in western Canada is vast.

We’ve serviced over 45,000 wells across western Canada, the United States and internationally. The type and complexity of wells include extended-reach, horizontal and deviated, multi-leg, disposal, HTHP, SAGD, HDD pipeline, and critical sour gas. This experience enables us to deliver technical expertise in the design, implementation and completion of any well in an economic and safe manner.

Operational Experience

Our team of drilling fluids field service representatives has over 550 years of combined technical drilling fluids experience. Our field service representatives are trained to safely deliver effective drilling fluid programs for our customers.

Field service representatives visit daily or sit on-site for the duration of a well, providing:

  • Drilling fluid testing
  • Reporting
  • Inventory
  • Work with all stakeholders involved with the well on and off-site
Our field operations team's goal is to maintain and optimize the composition and properties of the drilling fluid needed for the drilling operation. With support from the technical and operations team in the head office and technical team at the Calgary laboratory, our field service representatives are on-hand to support, troubleshoot, and deliver the drilling fluid program.

Technical Drilling Fluid Process


Research and Planning

Our dedicated drilling fluid programming team uses a methodical approach to create tailored drilling fluid programs.

When a customer request arrives, the technical programming team provides Well Offset and Hazard Analysis. Based on this analysis, we can engineer, recommend and implement drilling fluids systems and format specific procedures tailored to our customer’s criteria for success.

Some of the tools used in the research and planning phase include:

  • Area, formation and experience studies
  • Contour mapping 
  • Microsoft PowerBI® for analysis

Drilling Fluid Proposal

Based on the internal and external research completed in the research and planning stage, the technical programming team drafts a drilling fluid program.

The drilling fluid program includes:

  • Proposed drilling fluid technologies
  • Estimated costs
  • Suggested service type
  • Recommended treatment using techniques or tactics indicated by the offset research

Predictive Modeling

Using FlowTrac, our exclusive hydraulic analysis and drilling fluid optimization software, we simulate the drilling process and estimate critical parameters. The simulation is completed to de-risk the program.

These parameters include:

  • The drilling fluid rheological model in the drill pipe and annulus
  • Wellbore trajectory
  • Hole cleaning efficiency
  • Pressure loss analysis/density profiles
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Surge/swab modeling

Torque and Drag Analysis is done using the soft-string and if required, the stiff-string model. TorqTrac™ is a tool that accurately predicts downhole torque and drag. Modeling included in TorqTrac™ includes:

  • Sinusoidal and helical buckling modeling
  • Wellbore trajectory analysis
  • Side force analysis
  • Friction factor sensitivity analysis

Final Drilling Fluid Program

Once the drilling fluid program is approved by the customer we work with them to deploy the program, ship products to site and support operations on-site.

Drilling Operations

On-site drilling fluid reporting is completed using our in-house designed software, MudTrac™. MudTrac™ provides the operator with the following total fluids management reports:

  • Daily mud reports
  • Inventory reports
  • Daily usages and product costs
  • Drilling fluid engineering costs and third-party costs

Recommendations and Lookback

Once a well is completed, we provide an End of Well Report (EOWR) and an End of Project Report (EOPR). The lookback is critical as the results impact future drilling fluid program designs.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are established at the start of the well are assessed looking specifically at parameters to compare planned vs. performance.

SECURE is able to track monthly production of oil, gas and water to determine the effect drilling fluid systems have on output. This reporting was established as our customers wanted data that was directly tied to their bottom line.

Drilling Locations

Drilling Fluid Systems

The wide-ranging and in-depth expertise of our team allows us to continuously redesign and adapt proven methods of using Brine, Oil, and Water-based fluid systems for rapidly evolving drilling technologies such as

  • Extended Reach Drilling (ERD)
  • Monobores
  • Modified Monobores
  • Multi-Leg Laterals

Our innovative drilling fluid systems have been developed in the lab, tested in the field, optimized and applied to thousands of wells across the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

Our specialty systems include:

  • HydroDril™: A proprietary brine-based fluid that allows for rapid penetration rates in a high-density, low-solids environment, reducing bit damage and trip time. This system incorporates a full complement of flocculants, inhibitors, scavengers, and lubricants specifically designed to help meet customer-specific objectives.  

  • InverMax™: An established blend of oil-based fluid used extensively and reliably across the WCSB, which is then modified to help mitigate area and well-specific drilling occurrences such as Abnormal Pressures, wellbore instability, seepage/lost circulation, ballooning, and torque and drag. 
  • Water-based Systems
    • Flocculated Fluids: inhibited with amine, PHPA, salt, and/or silicate, providing increased drill rates and improving wellbore stability when penetrating water-sensitive shales.
    • Low Damage Polymer (Clay-Free): fluids treated with demulsifiers, enzyme breakers, surfactants, and acid blends that are tailor-matched to individual reservoir characteristics, helping to mitigate formation damage when drilling open-hole (barefoot) completion wells. 
    • Anti-accretive Treated Fluids: designed to meet the challenges of unconventional drilling environments, concentrating on Heavy Oil and SAGD applications.
    • Extreme Loss Prevention: Viscosified fluids containing Mixed Metal Oxides (MMO), Oil-Soluble Resins (OSR), or Aphrons, focusing on milling and extreme loss prevention.

All of our drilling fluid solutions are developed in our labs