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We Believe There is Energy in Together 

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, SECURE has a diverse suite of customer-driven solutions in Environmental Waste Management Infrastructure, including Waste Processing Facilities, Metals Recycling, Landfills and Treatment and Production Chemistry, Energy Infrastructure including crude oil gathering, blending & optimization, terminalling and storage solutions to Oilfield Services focused on customer programs and operations, including drilling fluids and heavy equipment contracting and onsite project management. We help our customers by challenging what’s possible within an evolving industry.   
We provide:
  • Environmental waste management with 100+ waste management processing facilities strategically located across western Canada and North Dakota
  • Energy transportation, optimization and blending solutions
  • Heavy equipment contracting and drilling enhancement solutions
We provide material recovery opportunities to realize incremental value for our customers, helping them achieve their goals. Find out more about us and how we help deliver energy to the world so that people and communities thrive.



Our Waste Processing Facilities

Helping our customers recycle, treat, process, and dispose of waste in a safe and environmentally conscious manner.

Our Solutions

Offering a diverse suite of solutions to meet our customers needs across multiple industries.

Discover our 2022 Sustainability Report

Delivering on our sustainability commitments for the benefit of all stakeholders.
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We operate safely and responsibly.

Everyone goes home safe everyday. Health and Safety is rooted in our culture. Guided by our Health and Safety policy (PDF) we have clearly communicated expectations, a robust health and safety management system and are regulatory compliant. All of which translates to measurable safety results year-over-year. 

We work together and communicate openly to create a culture of safety in everything we do.

SECURE is guided by principles of sustainability and responsible development. We understand the factors that define success and work with you to reach them. We are proud of our expertise in environmental and regulatory compliance and work with our customers on innovative solutions that minimize impact. View our Climate Action Plan to see how we are participating in advancing the energy transformation so that we can collectively help Canada reach net-zero by 2050.


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