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Information contained in this SECURE Energy Services Inc. website is for information purposes only. The website and the information (including changes to the terms herein) may be changed or updated from time to time without notice. In consideration for using SECURE Energy Services Inc.'s website, the visitor agrees to hold SECURE Energy Services Inc. and its affiliates and subsidiaries, and their respective directors, officers, employees and agents harmless against any claims for damages or costs or any loss of any kind arising out of the access to or use of this website or any information contained in or obtained through this website.

As visitors access this website on a server in Alberta, Canada, the information contained in this website is deemed to be provided in Alberta and is subject to Alberta law and the laws of Canada applicable therein. If you access this website from outside of Canada, you do so at your own risk and are responsible for compliance with local, national or international laws including, without limitation, securities laws and import and export laws.

Disclaimer of Warranties

In addition to the above disclaimers of warranties, SECURE Energy Services Inc. hereby expressly disclaims any liability for errors or omissions in the information contained in this website. Information contained in this website does not constitute a solicitation or an offering of securities in any jurisdiction. Information that may be or previously disclosed under corporate securities legislation of Canadian, U.S. or other jurisdictions applicable to SECURE Energy Services Inc., e.g. Annual Report, Quarterly Reports, Annual Information Forms or press releases, is not intended in any way to be qualified, amended, modified or supplemented by information available in, through or on this SECURE Energy Services Inc. website. Although SECURE Energy Services Inc. believes this information to be correct at the time it is posted, SECURE Energy Services Inc. does not warrant the accuracy, completeness or currency of this information at all times. All information contained in this website is provided on an as-is and as-available basis without any representations, warranties or endorsements whatsoever.

No warranty of any kind, implied, expressed or statutory, warranty of merchantability and non-infringement of intellectual property rights, third party rights, title, fitness for any particular purpose or freedom from computer viruses or other contaminating or destructive properties is given in conjunction with the information contained in this website.

Forward-looking Information

Certain statements contained on this website may contain "forward-looking statements," such as statements concerning SECURE Energy Services Inc.’s anticipated financial results, current and future product performance, regulatory approvals, business and financial plans and other non-historical facts. These statements are based on current expectations and currently available information. However, since these statements are based on factors that involve risks and uncertainties, SECURE Energy Services Inc.’s actual performance and results may differ materially from those described or implied by such forward-looking statements.

Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include, among others: competition; contingencies related to intellectual property protection, regulatory matters, and public acceptance of products; research and development success; litigation; developments related to foreign operations; acquisitions; commodity prices; regulations affecting the business; operational matters; SECURE Energy Services Inc.’s ability to obtain financing and payment for the products and services that it sells; weather, natural disasters and accidents; and other risks and factors detailed in SECURE Energy Services Inc.’s most recent periodic filing with the applicable securities exchange commissions.

This Website is not intended to amend or supplement information disclosed by SECURE Energy Services Inc. under applicable corporate and securities laws. The information contained in this website should not be used for making investment decisions with respect to securities of SECURE Energy Services Inc.

Documents provided on this website (including copies of regulatory filings) are provided for convenience only and are not the official version of such documents. The visitor is required to obtain official copies from either SECURE Energy Services Inc. or the applicable securities regulator. SECURE Energy Services Inc. disclaims any current intention or obligation to update any forward-looking statements or any of the factors that may affect actual results. The contents of this website are not intended to provide specific legal, financial or investing advice to visitors, and the visitor shall be solely responsible for all decision based on the contents of this website. This website is not an offer or solicitation of securities in any jurisdiction.

Exclusion of Liability

The visitor accesses and uses the website at his or her sole risk. SECURE Energy Services Inc. and its employees, officers, and directors shall not be liable for any losses, claims, expenses, costs or damages (including without limitation consequential, indirect and special damages) (collectively “Claims”) arising in any way from this website, even if SECURE Energy Services Inc. is made aware of such Claims or the likelihood of such Claims. The visitor expressly releases and holds harmless such parties from all Claims. SECURE Energy Services Inc. expressly disclaims any duties of care otherwise owed to the visitor and the visitor expressly releases SECURE Energy Services Inc. from any and all such duties. This exclusion of liability extends to all theories of law including those founded in tort, contract and at equity. Opinions expressed by employees or third parties in video clips contained on this website are personal opinions and may not reflect the opinions of SECURE Energy Services Inc.

No warranty, guarantees and conditions of any kind, whether express, implied or statutory are given by SECURE Energy Services Inc. in connection with the website and its content and use. These include without limitation warranties and guarantees with respect to fitness for a particular purpose, accuracy of content, and freedom from computer viruses or other malicious software.

Trademark and Copyright

All material and information found in this website is protected under the copyright and trademark laws of Canada and other applicable jurisdictions.

The display of trademarks, trade names or design marks in this website does not imply that a license of any kind has been granted to any other party.

Any unauthorized use regarding publication, copying or modification of information on this website, including trademarks, trade names and design marks, may violate applicable legislation and may result in legal action.
Except as otherwise noted, all content, logos, designs, layouts, trade-names, trade-marks, underlying computer codes, the copyright to content and all other intellectual property on this Website (collectively “Intellectual Property”) belong to SECURE Energy Services Inc. Unauthorised use of Intellectual Property is strictly prohibited. All rights reserved.

SECURE Energy Services Inc. grants the user a limited, revocable, royalty-free license to display, print and use information on this Website for personal, non-commercial use only. The user may not otherwise reproduce, modify, publish, post or disseminate any information contained on the Website (including without limitation photos and videos of employees, facilities and operations) without prior written permission.

Links to Third-Party Sites

This website contains links to third party sites. These links have been provided solely as a convenience for users of this website and do not constitute an endorsement by SECURE Energy Services Inc. of the content of such third-party sites. Links to this website may also be provided from other sites either known or unknown to SECURE Energy Services Inc. Access to any other website linked to or from this website is at your own risk. SECURE Energy Services Inc. has not reviewed and is not responsible for the content of any third-party sites linked to or from this website and does not make any representations regarding the privacy practices, content or accuracy of materials on such third party sites.

Collection of information

SECURE Energy Services Inc. collects anonymous information about a visitor's actions while they view this site. No personally identifiable information (for example, name, address or phone number) is collected from any visitor. This browsing information may be collected via server log files, via cookies, which are small amounts of data written to your browser.

Website Use

The Internet is not a fully-secure medium and is subject to possible interception, loss, corruption, or alteration of communication. SECURE Energy Services Inc. is not liable for any damages resulting from the transmission, interception or corruption of communications to or from this website.

Visitors are granted access to the website as a privilege, not a right, and SECURE Energy Services Inc. can withdraw such privilege at any time without notice. In no event shall SECURE Energy Services Inc. be liable for the consequences of such withdrawal. Visitors will at all times conduct themselves lawfully when using this website. Visitors will not do anything to compromise the security, usability or content of the website or impose any unusual usage demands on the website. Visitors will not transmit or forward any unsolicited mail, communications or “spam” using this website.

References to SECURE

For convenience, references in this website to "SECURE", “SECURE Energy”, the "Company", "us", "we" and similar references, may, where applicable, refer only to or include any relevant direct and indirect subsidiary corporations and partnerships of SECURE Energy Services Inc. and the assets, activities and initiatives thereof.

Terms of Legal Notice Binding

Your access and use of this website constitutes your agreement to be governed by the contents of the Legal Notice set forth above. If you do not agree with them leave this website immediately.

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