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Our Operations are at the heart of energy

We are a leading energy company offering value-adding midstream infrastructure solutions including oil processing and disposal, crude oil logistics, marketing and storage. SECURE's mission is to help our customers by challenging what's possible. We are building on our dedication of creating value for customers with our updated vision to Do Midstream Differently. 

Commercial and Transportation

Midstream Infrastructure Solutions

By doing midstream differently, SECURE works transparently with customers to identify opportunities where we can provide innovative solutions that help our customers reduce costs and emissions, and invest their capital where it generates the highest returns.

Facility Map

Commercial and Transportation

Our terminals, tanks, and crude-by-rail services are safely moving crude oil and water for our customers.

Crude Oil Terminalling

In Cushing, Oklahoma, we have 420,000 barrels of storage capacity through a:

  • 27% interest in 700,000 barrel crude oil storage facility
  • 51% interest in 80 acres of land adjacent to the facility

We own and operate a light oil connector pipeline system and receipt terminal in the Kindersley-Kerrobert region. The product is then delivered onto the Enbridge Pipeline mainline in Kerrobert to markets downstream.

Rules and Regulations

Please view the below document outlining SECURE's Tariff No. 102: Rules and Regulations Governing the Transportation of Crude Petroleum by Pipeline. Please note that the rules outlined in this document apply to all shippers using the carrier's (SECURE) pipeline system.

Rules and Regulations Governing the Transportation of Crude Petroleum By Pipeline - General Application
Effective July 1, 2019

Tariffs Applying to the Transportation of Crude Petroleum on the Kerrobert Light Pipeline System
Effective July 1, 2019

All prospective shippers must fill out and submit the New Shipper Application form. 

Pipeline Gathering Systems

Kerrobert, SK

Beginning at SECURE’s Kindersley Full Service Terminal, and connecting to multiple customer locations by way of lateral pipelines, this pipeline gathering system was built to accommodate up to 80,000 bbls/d helping to move trucks off of local roadways and to increase netbacks for our customers in the area. This pipeline system terminates at SECURE’s Kerrobert Terminal, equipped with 260,000 bbls of storage, prior to entering the Enbridge Mainline System. Each location is equipped with a Lease Automated Custody Transfer (LACT) unit where we can manage quality and volumetric data in real time.

East Kaybob, AB

The East Kaybob Pipeline System is a 120 kilometre pipeline connecting multiple producer batteries to SECURE's existing Fox Creek Full Service Terminal. Here, the new pipeline system meets the Pembina Peace Pipeline before ending up in Namao. There are three segments of the pipeline transporting oil from differing areas infield with an initial capacity of 15,000 bbl/d. Upon start up, SECURE estimates that this pipeline system removes approximately 80 truck loads per day of oil from being transported by road in the Fox Creek area, helping to make roadways safer and increasing our customers netbacks.

Energy Marketing

Energy marketing is foundational to our business. Through our pipeline connected facilities, terminals and nominations on main carrier pipelines, we help our customers get their product to market. Through our network, we help our customers reduce their transportation costs, environmental footprint and improve returns on each barrel of oil produced.

Crude by Rail Terminals

Our Crude by Rail Terminal's gather crude products and transport it via rail to end users and markets. With Canadian pipelines running at full capacity, our Crude by Rail Terminals provide an alternative solution to get product to market in a timely and safe manner.

Midstream Infrastructure Solutions

Full Service Terminals

Our facilities are designed to maximize hydrocarbon recovery while minimizing waste volumes and environmental impact. Full Service Terminals are equipped for:

  • Crude oil treating and terminalling
  • Deep well injection
  • Oilfield waste processing and disposal
  • Other services
Our mission is to help our customer’s by challenging what’s possible. We do this by being safe, protecting the environment and being a good neighbour in the communities where we live and work.

Water Disposal Facilities

Through deep well injection, our water disposal facilities provide a safe and responsible option for flow-back, produced and waste-water disposal. Also known as stand-alone water disposal facilities or salt-water disposal facilities, each facility is designed to exceed regulatory standards (Class 1B disposal in Canada).


Our engineered oilfield landfills are designed with safety and environmental responsibility at the forefront. Each landfill cell has a high-quality, multi-layer liner protection system and environmental monitoring programs.

SECURE strictly enforces landfill acceptance criteria. Class II landfills are approved to accept non-hazardous industrial waste that meets acceptance criteria. Prior to sending loads to landfill, the waste generator or waste generator representative is to complete a SECURE Application Form (SAF).

Please follow the following steps:

  • Fill out the SAF and email to the appropriate SECURE facility
  • Include the representative and analytical data from an accredited lab
  • Ensure the SAF is complete, signed, dated and all supporting analytical documents are included

Our Class I landfill and Class II landfills are designed for secure disposal of a variety of solid wastes. From drill cuttings to NORM impacted soils and remediation work – and anything in between, our network of facilities are strategically located to minimize distances trucking.

SECURE builds all-weather tipping pads within our landfill cells to ensure safe, stable unloading areas for trucks, to increase truck turn-around times and to minimize tracking of waste that could come in contact with truck tires.

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