Our Operations
Our Solutions

Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, we focus on moving energy forward so our customers, communities and society can thrive. Building on our dedication to customers, we are delivering solutions and doing midstream differently through:

  • Empowering our employees to deliver solution-oriented customer service
  • Helping our customers reduce costs and maximize the netback for the water and oil we handle for our customers
  • Strategically locating our network of midstream infrastructure across Western Canada and the U.S.
  • Offering a diverse suite of industry leading environmental solutions 

We are working transparently with our customers to pioneer midstream and environmental solutions that help reduce costs and protect the environment today and tomorrow.


We all have a story and ours starts in 2007.

We were founded for one specific reason – because our customers asked for help.

Our first project was an oilfield landfill south of Grande Prairie, Alberta. Since then, our evolution has progressed with the goal of providing reliable and effective midstream infrastructure solutions to you.

We get our energy from helping others bring energy to the world. As a result, we expanded to provide approximately 50 solutions through;

Consistently listening to our customers and putting them first is how we have grown into an organization that now has over 100 facilities across Western Canada and the U.S.

People - Values - Vision, Purpose and Mission

We believe there is Energy in Together.

Thanks to our entrepreneurial spirit and employee commitment to challenge what's possible, we deliver a customer service experience that has made SECURE a trusted industry ally. Our employees don’t just show up to work; we’re resilient, reliable and ready to serve you, our customers.

Our success is rooted in our people and we are driven by our vision, purpose, mission and our values - living and working the SECURE way.


Deliver energy to the world so people and communities thrive.


To help our customers by challenging what's possible.


Live the SECURE Way

  • Treat others the way they want to be treated
  • Be a great team member
  • Do the right thing

Work the SECURE Way

  • Work Safely
  • Enjoy Serving Customers 
  • Hold Yourself Accountable
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Everyone Goes Home Safe.

Our goal is for all employees, contractors and partners to ‘go home safe.’

  • We believe zero incidents are possible
  • Senior leadership compensation tied to safety performance
  • Behaviour Based Safety program

Our commitment starts with every single person going home safe. SECURE supports personal awareness and safety leadership that results in overall improved health and safety performance.


We are a SECURE Investment.

We are creating long-term investor value by:

  • Strategically locating oil and water pipelines, midstream processing and storage in high impact markets
  • Generating recurring cash flows from oil production processing and disposal, crude oil logistics, marketing and storage
  • Executing a disciplined growth strategy with new projects supported by contracted or highly reliable volumes
  • Paying a regular dividend and opportunistically buying back shares

Just like our name states, we are SECURE. We have the stability and breadth of solutions to provide value to our customers and shareholders.