Our Energy Infrastructure business includes a processing and storage facility network, and crude oil pipelines throughout key resource plays in western Canada, North Dakota and Oklahoma. Our energy infrastructure helps our customers get their product to market. Explore our Energy Infrastructure, Transportation, and Storage solutions below:

Oil Pipeline Gathering Systems

Kerrobert, Saskatchewan
Beginning at SECURE’s Kindersley Terminal, and connecting to multiple customer locations by way of lateral pipelines, this pipeline gathering system was built to accommodate up to 80,000 bbls/d helping to move trucks off of local roadways and to increase netbacks for our customers in the area. This pipeline system terminates at SECURE’s Kerrobert Terminal, equipped with 260,000 bbls of storage, prior to entering the Enbridge Mainline System. Each location is equipped with a Lease Automated Custody Transfer (LACT) unit where we can manage quality and volumetric data in real-time.

East Kaybob, Alberta
The East Kaybob Pipeline System is a 120-kilometre pipeline connecting multiple producer batteries to SECURE’s existing Fox Creek Terminal. Here, the new pipeline system meets the Pembina Peace Pipeline before ending up in Namao, Alberta. There are three segments of the pipeline transporting oil from differing areas infield with an initial capacity of 15,000 bbl/d. Upon startup, SECURE estimates that this pipeline system removes approximately 80 truckloads per day of oil from being transported by road in the Fox Creek, Alberta region, helping to make roadways safer and increasing our customers’ netbacks.

Nipisi, Alberta Terminal 

The Nipisi Terminal along with a pipeline gathering system provides producers in the area a local convenient shipping point for their crude oil. This new Nipisi Facility ships crude oil down Pembina’s pipeline to Enbridge’s North 40 tank in Edmonton.

Energy Optimization

Energy optimization is a foundational practice in our core business. Through our pipeline connected facilities, terminals and nominations on main carrier pipelines, we help our customers get their products to market. Our integrated network helps our customers improve their returns on each barrel of oil produced, and reduces their environmental footprint and transportation costs.


In Cushing, Oklahoma, we have 420,000 bbls of storage capacity through our 27% interest in 700,000 bbl crude oil storage facility and, 51% interest in 80 acres of land adjacent to the facility.

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