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We are dedicated to adding value to our client's programs and operations. This commitment results in lower overall project costs, improved safety and maintenance of budget and schedules while benefiting all associated stakeholders.

The ability to integrate all our divisions provides synergy solutions to our projects and our clients overall needs.

  • Drilling and Completions: Delivering innovative products, equipment and services to enhance drilling and completion performance.
  • Production Solutions: Offering unique products, stimulation and recovery services that optimize production, provide flow assurance and help our customers maintain, or enhance production. 
  • Project and Environmental Services: Providing equipment contracting services supporting the energy, mining, forestry, rail, pipeline, government and civil industries across Canada.
  • Emergency Services: From initial response, derailment and remediation, we are your first call.

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Drilling and Completions


Drilling Fluids

Our technical process combined with our proprietary products provide impactful solutions.

Drilling Waste Management

Compliance driven drilling waste management solutions

Completion Fluids

Providing completion fluids for fracturing, coiled tubing, acidizing and cementing.

Fluids and Solids Control Equipment

Managing your fluids and solids with our extensive suite of equipment.

Production Services


Production Chemicals

A complete line of production and wellbore stimulation chemicals, designed, developed and proven by local experts.

Production Enhancement

Providing innovative production enhancing products and solutions.

Chemical EOR

Providing state-of-the-art fluid analysis, sand pack and core studies to help maximize reservoir production through Chemical EOR.

Project and Environmental Services


Decommissioning and Demolition

When assets reach the end of their useful life, we have the experience and equipment to complete the project safely, on time and on budget.

Remediation and Reclamation Equipment Services

Our large fleet of equipment and resources are readily available across Canada to assist you through every stage of the remediation and reclamation process.

Oil Sands

Offering a variety of environmental and construction services in the Alberta Oil Sands.


Environmental and Civil Construction

We can help with all aspects of environmental design and construction of landfills and ponds to leachate collection system and liner installations. 

Pipeline Services

We provide pipeline integrity digs, maintenance, HDD program construction, HSE, geotechnical evaluation, abandonments and decommissioning.

Watercourse Crossing

Our extensive watercourse crossing services includes specialized equipment, sheet piling, coffer dam and aqua dam diversion and pipeline integrity repair.

Regulatory Compliance and Well Abandonment

Our team has the experience and solutions for the entire end-of-life cycle of a well, including Area Based Closure Programs.

NORM Management

Safely and effectively managing Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials 

Container Services

We can help manage your waste from collection, documentation, tracking, storage, transportation to final safe disposal.

Integrated Fluid Solutions

Whether its fracing, water storage, water transfer or water diversions, a crucial water management practice becomes an integral part of your success


Remediation and Reclamation Consulting Services

Effectively managing all aspects of your remediation and reclamation project.

Environmental Risk Assessment and Planning

Managing all aspects of the environmental risk assessment and planning process to final reclamation certificate application.

Emergency Services


Emergency Response Services

From initial response to environmental remediation and disposal, we have the crews and specialized equipment to help.

Rail Solutions

We have the experience and equipment to safely manage emergency derailments across Canada.