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Services provided by SECURE Energy are governed by our General Terms and Conditions (GTCs) unless otherwise agreed under a valid contract between the parties. Customers are encouraged to review the GTCs linked below.

General Terms and Conditions

SECURE Application Form (SAF)

SECURE strictly enforces landfill acceptance criteria with the following guidelines:

Prior to sending loads to the landfill, the waste generator or waste generator representative is to complete a SECURE Application Form (SAF). Once approved, we will supply a SECURE Customer Agreement Code (SCA) pertaining to the appropriate waste stream(s). Use the link below to access and download our SAF below:

Landfill SECURE Application Form (SAF)

Waste Protocol Sheets

Our Solid Waste Acceptance Protocol sheets are provincially specific for proper waste characterization and the analytical parameters for each solid waste stream. Details within the protocol sheets outline the various testing requirements and associated concentrations or levels of each parameter. Use the links below to access and download the applicable Waste Protocol Sheet:

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