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Waste Collection, Transportation, Disposal

We can help manage your waste from collection, documentation, tracking, transportation to final safe disposal for multiple forms of hazardous and non-hazardous NORM waste.

Our services include:

  • Assistance in segregating and managing waste to reduce costs
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Detailed waste reporting
  • Tracked bin locations
  • Third party waste tracking

SECURE provides specially designed vacuum boxes which are ideal for the secure containment and safe transportation of NORM liquids and sludges.


Acceptable Waste Managed

Engineered Waste Containers

  • Ergonomic low profile prevents upper body strain
  • Regulatory, safety and operations
  • Engineered design meets waste storage regulations
  • Client notification service ensures that one-year onsite removal requirement is not exceeded
  • Operations-friendly size allows skid steer buckets of 76” or less to dump
  • Lockable lid secures waste