Through our network of facilities, third party warehouses and distribution centre, we can quickly and effectively provide drilling fluid products across the western Canadian Sedimentary Basin.

Our network of facilities include:

Drilling Fluids Locations-1

Oil Based Mud Blending

Through our two oil-based mud blending facilities in Drayton Valley and Fox Creek, Alberta, we blend and recondition invert fluids. Each facility has an oil based mud testing laboratory that is used for quality assurance and quality control testing, including flash point testing. Our facilities have a waste management license and are in compliance with the AER's Bulletin 2013-02 that governs used invert as an oilfield waste to be managed.

Minerals Facility

Since 1946, our Lethbridge minerals processing facility has been providing industrial minerals to North America. We have the capability to:

      • Grind and toll grind
      • Package and repackage products
      • Produce products in bulk - sacks and totes 

This facility features Barite, Gypsum, Zeolites, Walnut, Limestone as well as a variety of other mineral products. Find the safety data sheets (SDS) for each product here.

Contact the SECURE Minerals facility order desk. 

Distribution Centre

Our main distribution hub is centrally located in Nisku, Alberta. 


We have a network of wholly owned and third-party warehouses across western Canada.