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Pipeline Resources & Public Awareness

We do more than is asked of us and go beyond just compliance. In support of ensuring that our industry and communities we serve are protected for future generations. We are proud of our commitment to exceed regulatory requirements through our products and curated customer service. Safety is rooted in all that we do. We work with our customers, neighbours and landowners to keep our operations safe and this includes knowing what to look for and when to call when things don't seem right.

Here are some signs of an oil pipeline release:

  • Moist patch or pool on the ground right-of-way area
  • Liquid spraying over pipeline
  • Rainbow sheen on surface
  • Discoloured vegetation on or near a pipeline
  • Stained or melted snow or ice over pipeline area
  • Odour similar to gasoline or diesel fuel or rotten egg
  • Roaring, blowing or hissing sounds

If you are alerted to any of the conditions above, please contact our 24-hour Emergency Line at 1-877-518-4321. We are proud of our commitment to safety and sustainability in our communities, they are rooted in all that we do.

SECURE’s pipeline system is governed under rules and regulations set by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources.

Call Before you Dig

Call or Click before you dig programs reduce damage and associated costs to essential underground facilities, such as a pipelines, and enhance safety for the public, contractors, structures and emergency services.

In Saskatchewan, the Click or Call Before you Dig is Sask 1st Call. This service is for anyone planning to dig or excavate and provides underground facility screening and notification for excavators. Contact Sask 1st Call at least two full working days before your proposed excavation (not including the day of request).
Call: 1-866-828-4888 (#4888 on the SaskTel wireless network).


Roles & Responsibilities

Pipeline safety is a shared responsibility between us and our customers/neighbours. It's important to review and understand roles and what to do in the event of ground disturbance or oil release.

How it works:

  • A pipeline is installed within a strip of land known as a right-of-way
  • SECURE acquires rights to use this land for the construction, operation and maintenance of its pipelines
  • Ownership of the land remains with the landowner
  • Activities within the right-of-way are governed by the provincial and federal regulations and easement agreements negotiated between the landowner and SECURE
  • The safety zone extends 300 m (984 feet) on either side of the centreline of the pipe
  • Ground disturbance within this zone requires consent from SECURE and to contact Click or Call Before You Dig

To always ensure safety is top-of-mind, contact SECURE and Click or Call Before You Dig before:

  • Operating vehicles or mobile equipment on/over the right-of-way
  • Reducing depth of soil covering the pipeline
  • Agricultural ploughing or tilling 45 cm and below
  • Gardening or ground leveling below 30 cm (1 foot)
  • Planting trees or hedges
  • Installing drainage systems, pools or hot tubs, expanding home footprint
  • Augering
  • Fencing

We mark the presence of our pipelines with pipeline markers spaced along the right-of-way. Although the markers identify that a pipeline is in the area, they cannot be relied upon to give an exact location or depth of the pipeline.

The markers indicate that SECURE owns the pipeline, the type of product being transported and our 24-hour Emergency Line: 1-877-518-4321.

24 Hour Emergency Line

Surface Land

Working directly with landowners to create mutually beneficial relationships

Our in-house surface land team works directly with landowners and other stakeholders to ensure mutually beneficial relationships are created and maintained with integrity, transparency and reliability.

Our land services come with the added benefit of being integrated with environment and regulatory, engineering and construction, as well as facility and well operations. This has considerations that supports:

We are committed to providing ongoing support through all stages of land use.

The key services provided by this group include, but are not limited to:

  • Acquisition of Crown and Private land
  • Project planning and support
  • Maintaining new and existing SECURE assets
  • One Call: call before you dig for protection of buried assets
  • Road Use and Crossing requirements

Landowner Inquiries

Please ensure you are able to provide your name on file, legal land location, and the reason you require assistance: