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SECURE Scrap Metals Recycling offers efficient and industry leading service from a team of experienced and skilled employees across our facilities in Western Canada. With safety top of mind, you can depend on SECURE to take care of your scrap metal recycling needs.



With a combined 60+ years of experience as a full-service scrap metal recycler, the SECURE team has remained innovative and listened to the needs of our customers. We have grown our geographic footprint to six strategically located facilities, to provide scrap metal & steel recycling, clean-up & demolition services, bin services and surplus scrap metal marketing.

SECURE is your one-stop shop for all your recycling needs. We offer:

  • Skilled labour force with experience in scrap metal recycling, demolition and project management
  • Comprehensive safety program
  • Large modern fleet of equipment
  • Strategically located facilities to best serve our customers
  • GPS dispatched truck and bin fleet
  • Automated scrap management program
  • 24-hour immediate derailment response

2021 Recycling Sustainability Highlights

At SECURE, the integration of ESG principles into our operations aligns with our corporate value of doing the right thing. By operating sustainably, we are doing our part to help mitigate the impacts of climate change by reducing our own emissions and providing our customers with support in transitioning to a lower carbon economy. 

SECURE Metals Recycling made a significant contribution to this initiative in 2021, and we look forward to continuing our ESG efforts in years to come! 


Learn more about SECURE's company wide ESG efforts!

We'll Pay You For Your Scrap Metal! 

Have scrap metal you need to recycle? SECURE will provide a fast, clean and safe experience and we’ll pay you for it! We accept both ferrous and nonferrous metals.


residential-goods-200x140Residential Goods
Fridges, stoves and other appliances
farm-equipment-200x140Farm Equipment
Equipment wire, scrap equipment, parts
Scrap cars, trucks and parts
industrial-and-manufacturing-200x140Industrial & Manufacturing
Steel shavings produced from the manufacturing process
cast-iron-200x140Cast Iron
Cast iron drums and rotors with steel parts removed
rail-scrap-200x140Rail Scrap



Aluminum, copper, stainless steel, lead, nickel, brass, batteries, tin, and zinc are among the many base metals that are referred to in the industry as nonferrous scrap. These materials have a variety of uses and maintain their chemical properties through repeated recycling and reprocessing. This composition makes nonferrous metals infinitely recyclable and important to maintaining sustainability in resource conservation.

 Examples of nonferrous metals we accept:

copper-scrap-200x140Copper Scrap
Sources include copper pipe, valves, commercial electronics and wiring
aluminum-scrap-200x140Aluminum Scrap
Found in many places including building materials, kitchen utensils, can and foils
Can be found in bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, keys, door handles and other hardware
insulated-wire-200x140Insulated Wire
From electrical construction projects which includes many different grades of wire
teck-cables-200x140Teck Cable
Large Teck cables used in industrial applications
stainless-steel-200x140Stainless Steel
Commonly found in bathroom fixtures, light fixtures, keys, door handles and other hardware

l Scrap

SECURE has a large fleet of mobile scrap processing equipment including:

  • Mobile hydraulic shears
  • Picker trucks
  • Balers
  • Loaders
  • Excavators
  • Purpose-built material handlers fitted with magnets and grapples


Bin Services

SECURE has a large inventory of roll-off and lugger bins that are available for short-term or long-term bin service to best suit our customers’ needs. Our modern fleet of bin trucks and trailers are GPS dispatched and our bin management software allows for the efficient management, deployment and recovery of our more than 1,000 bins placed throughout British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.


Using Innovation to Better Serve Our Customers

In June 2022, our Red Deer Metals facility opened a Peddler Residential Operations (PRO) yard. This yard expansion offers customers a facility to bring small loads of ferrous and nonferrous recycling material including:

  • Copper
  • Brass
  • Appliances
  • Vehicles
  • Batteries

The Red Deer PRO Yard offers quick, clean, efficient and safe service including an easy-to-use customer friendly scale. The facility is open Monday to Saturday and opens at 8 am. For more information contact us!

How to get the most our of your scrap metal:

Recycling your metals is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet. Old appliances, materials from renovation projects and car scraps can all be taken to one of our locations to be recycled.

To get the most for your scrap you should have a basic understanding of metals to be able to separate your ferrous and non-ferrous metals and remove any non-metallic material such as plastic, wood, insulation, rubber, etc.

How much is your scrap metal worth?

Things that may affect the price you get are:

  • Scrap Metal Market Commodity Pricing
  • Supply and demand
  • Seasonality
  • Type of scrap
  • Scrap quality


If you have questions about pricing, what can be recycled or how to drop off your scrap contact your Metal Recycling Facility in your area!

719 Railway Ave
Brooks, AB
T0J 2A0
Phone: 403-793-8853

Kootenays Region 
330 317 Ave
Kimberley, BC
V1A 3G9
Phone: 250-427-2994

Peace River
9001 86th St
Peace River, AB
T8S 1Z4
Phone: 780-332-4013


Red Deer
8149 Edgar Industrial Close
Red Deer, AB
T4P 3R4
Phone: 403-346-4185


Ruth Lake
Wood Buffalo, AB

Phone: 403-356-2585


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