SECURE Energy Services offers the following Container Services:

Waste Management Services & Containment

  • Waste containment of filters, rags and absorbent pads, contaminated soils and solids
  • Assistance in segregating and managing waste to reduce costs
  • Reporting and tracking
  • Detailed waste reporting
  • Tracked bin locations
  • 3rd party waste tracking
  • Web access to waste data

Engineered Waste Containers

  • Ergonomic low profile prevents upper body strain
  • Regulatory, safety and operations
  • Engineered design meets waste storage regulations
  • Client notification service ensures that one-year onsite removal requirement is not exceeded
  • Operations-friendly size allows skid steer buckets of 76” or less to dump
  • Meets UN containment standards
  • Heavy-duty UV treated polypropylene liners with 6 mm poly inserts
  • Lockable lid secures waste

Service Contact:

Container Dispatch
1 855 359 2357

Sales Contact:

Contact one of our sales representatives for more information on SECURE's Container Services:

Jason Sikora
403 206 9274