SECURE's Production Enhancement team can help with restoration and improvement of your well. We assist with various types of formation damage, and are an industry leader in SAGD/CSS and Thermal Liner clean out operations.  

How we can help: SECURE is focused on providing solutions unique to every well we come across with any type of Formation Damage. This includes anything that causes loss of production or injection in a well or, damage occurring in the formation that affects fluid flow in the reservoir and/or restricts the production of oil and gas and anything that may appear in the perforations, lift system or tubulars as restrictions along the flow path. 

Seleceted Examples of Formation Damage 

DamageAssociated With
Fines MigrationProduction, but can be initiated by high water injection rates and kaolinite or illite clay
Clay SwellingContact with water of lower salinity than in situ reservoir waters and smectite or mixed layer clays
ScaleChanges in temperature or pressure causing changes in the solubility of inorganic materials
ParaffinLoss of temperature, pressure or short-chain hydrocarbon molecules
AsphaltenesDestabilization of asphaltene/resin colloidal suspension
Water BlockLow permeability, gas wells

SECURE Production Enhancement Applications

SAGD and CSS (Thermal) – Scale Removal 

Liner Cleanouts/Stimulation

Mineral and Organic Acid Scale Removal

Wax and Asphaltenes Removal

Sulfate and Barite Scale Removal

Sand Agglomeration and Sand Dispersion

Water Flood Conformance Treatments

Remedial Frac Flowback Treatments/Frac Fluid Recovery

Phase Trapping and Water Block Remediation

Heavy Oil – Viscosity Reduction and Mobility Aids

Surface Casing Vent Flow and Zonal Shut Off