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Compliance driven drilling waste management solutions

Understanding what’s important to you is important to us. Each drilling waste management program is tailored to your specific requirements. Our comprehensive knowledge of the drilling waste management regulatory framework in western Canada helps us provide appropriate disposal methods to achieve a cost-effective solution. And our field technicians have the expertise to coordinate onsite.

Our core services include:

  • Drilling waste management
  • HDD bore waste management
  • Core hole program
  • Water management
  • Spill response

We know the regulations inside and out

Our thorough knowledge of the regulatory processes and reporting related to drilling waste management coupled with our experience in western Canada sets us apart.

The team is made of individuals who:

  • Know the regulations - We were involved with the Alberta Energy Regulator’s Directive 50 rewrite in 2012 which is the current regulation that contains the requirements for the treatment and disposal of drilling waste in Alberta. With our experience working in Saskatchewan and British Columbia, we have a deep understanding of their drilling waste management regulations, GL-99 and OGC Chapter 10, respectively. 
  • Sees things from your side - We worked in oil and gas exploration and production companies and are a committee member of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producer (CAPP)
  • Are located across western Canada - Our field technicians cover Fort St. John, British Columbia to Southeast Saskatchewan
  • Reporting - One of the most important parts of managing drilling waste is reporting. Working with the Alberta Energy Regulator's Digital Data Submission (DDS), we complete all necessary documentation and reporting for each well license and the end of life drilling waste management.
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Drilling Waste Management Project Experience

Drilling takes shape in many forms, including horizontal directional drilling (HDD) under waterways and core holes for heavy oil mining development. Every type of well is unique and requires specific drilling fluids. Working with our drilling fluids' team means we have first hand knowledge on the characteristics and properties of drilling fluids products. We have the knowledge and experience to help manage your drilling waste.

Conventional Oil and Gas

We have experience providing drilling waste management solutions across western Canada and beyond, from Norman Wells in the Northwest Territories to Virden, Manitoba. Our breadth of experience include all types of plays, including deep basin and shale gas wells to shallow gas and Bakken oil wells. 

HDD Bore Waste Management

Using our extensive knowledge of the regulations in Alberta (Alberta Energy Regulator’s Directive 50) and British Columbia (BC Oil and Gas Commission Chapter 10), we can safely manage and dispose of drilling waste related to HDD bores.

We work closely with SECURE’s solids control equipment solution team to minimize waste on-site prior to disposal.

Heavy Oil Program

We have experience coordinating site-specific drilling waste management programs at Heavy Oil Mining sites in northern Alberta.

This full-service approach manages all aspects of the drilling waste management program ensuring regulatory compliance, supervision of the operation and disposal paperwork through the Alberta Energy Regulator’s Digital Data Submission (DDS). 

Spill Response

We provide 24 hour, on-call service for spills across western Canada. Our immediate environmental consultation provides guidance for action including regulatory notifications with seven-day letters and the plan to remediate, delineation sampling to help determine the necessary equipment and clean-up and can coordinate all technicians onsite as project coordinator.

Water Management

Our team is knowledgeable in sourcing, managing and monitoring water. Ensuring compliance is mandatory when managing water. From sourcing water for drilling, completions and HDD bores, to managing and monitoring we can support your water management needs. 

We source and manage water for construction projects include overseeing winter access programs, dust control, and bridge construction. 

Working with the Alberta Government's Water Use Reporting System (WURS) for reporting, we closely monitor our customer's water usage through laser level monitoring, flow testing, and water well testing.