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We offer several storage and processing tanks for the safe containment of fluids on the rig-site.

Available 24/7, our experienced and knowledgeable solids control team is committed to helping you achieve your operational goals. Our extensive suite of equipment is proactively maintained to ensure it is always ready for deployment.

Hydraulic Platform Tank

Our proprietary designed horizontal platform tank provides drilling fluid processing, storage and mixing capabilities for drilling operations. These tanks come with a sloped bottom, weir design that aids in the settling and removal of solids during processing and provides quality mixing of products required in the fluid system, especially ideal in water based flocculation system. The total volume capacity is 36 m3 or 230 bbls.

Features and Advantages

  • Total volume capacity is 36 m3 or 230 bbls
  • Can hold either 2 – 18” centrifuges or 2 – 20” centrifuges
    • Weight with both centrifuges is 40,500 kg or 89,000 lbs and requires a jeep on the highway
  • Polymer injection pumps are kept and maintained inside the unit minimizing exposure to the elements
  • VFD controls for polymer injection can be monitored at the control panel or the handheld remote device

Premix Tanks

Premix tanks provide drilling fluid storage and mixing capabilities for drilling operations.

Features and Advantages

  • 400 & 550 bbls volume capacity
  • 75 hp explosion proof electric motor
  • Variable frequency drive with soft start on mixing pump
  • Sidewinder mixer
  • 6” (15cm) x 5” (12.7cm) centrifugal pump c/w mechanical seal
  • 12” (30cm) impeller
  • 15cm | 6” mud roll
  • 5 hp electric agitators in each compartment\Tank outfitted with Mud Guns in each compartment
  • Steam coil in tank, 480 volt explosion proof electric roughneck heater in building
  • 10cm | 4” transfer line


400 bbls Premix Tank

  • 14m | 46’ length x 3.5m | 11’4” width x 3.5m | 11’4” height
  • 16,783 kg | 37,000 lbs weight
  • 1 - 480 v 100 amp 3W4P | 208 Volt–30 Amp 4W4P power requirements

600 bbls Premix Tank

  • 15.8m | 52’ length x 3.5m | 11’4” width x 3.7m | 12’3” height
  • 20,412 kg | 45,000 lbs weight
  • 2 - 480 v 100 amp 3W4P power requirements

Polymer Injection Tanks

Our polymer injection tanks are primarily used in dewatering applications and can also be used effectively in other applications where mixing and/or hydrating chemicals is required. The tank is designed to reduce the amount of polymer required in drilling applications when compared to a standard chemical barrel. 

Features and Advantages

  • The polymer injection tank is skid mounted and equipped with lifting lugs for safe and easy handling
  • The package comes as a two-compartment tank system with each tank containing a 10hp mixing agitator used to mix a homogeneous solution within the tank
  • Each compartment is steam coiled throughout to prevent freezing while operating in cold weather environments
  • When the chemical is hydrated and mixed, three variable-drive Moyno Pumps are in place to ensure the precise feeding rate is achieved
  • The two-compartment design allows continual feeding by batch mixing flocculents and switching between tanks

Solids Concentration Auger Tank

This tank was designed to aid in the separation of solids and fluids by increasing fluid retention time.


  • 22m³ sloped wall settling tank with traverse baffle system increases tortuous path for fluids movement
  • Solids auger/conveyor pulls settled solids to suction feed box, increasing centrifuge processing efficiency
  • 6m³ polymer injection tank:
    • Two 3m³ poly tanks with agitators
    • Three VFD injection pumps
  • Submersible pump crane allows for operator to pump light fluid back to rig tank for use in active system
  • Power Requirements
    • 1 – 30 Amp 3W4P 480V (Auger)
    • 1 – 60 Amp 4W4P 208V (Polymer Tanks)


We also offer the following pieces of equipment:

  • Shale Bins
    • High wall drive in shale bins
    • Low wall drive in shale bins
  • Low profile surface floc tanks with four compartments
  • 400 bbl upright storage tanks



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