The INVERMAX system is a highly effective, oil-based emulsion that can be blended on site or specifically formulated at an invert plant. The oil-to-water ratio viscosity and weight can all be easily manipulated for specific downhole conditions. INVERMAX can be tailored for your needs by adding wellbore strengthening materials such as Controlseal™ or Formaseal™ as a solution to combat downhole losses or difficult wellbore conditions.
MAXoil™ All Oil System
The MAXoil All Oil system contains, by definition, only small amounts of water, less than 5% in the non-continuous phase. This system is often applied to reduce costs and allow for the recycling of fluid on project work. All oil systems generally have lower daily additions due to the inherent properties of electrical stability, HTHP control and lack of a non-continuous phase. SECURE has worked with a variety of base oils and has field-proven viscosifying techniques to improve the rheology of these systems and increase carrying capacity when needed. This system is also suited for coring and production zone applications.
Clay Free Invert
The Clay Free Invert system redefined technical benefits through the use of a unique oil soluble polymer (SECURE RM™). As compared to conventional invert systems, Clay Free Invert provides superior rheological properties and lubricity. The interaction of components in the Clay Free Invert system is the key to its robust, yet fragile gel structure. The gels form quickly to provide optimum suspension and break back immediately, avoiding excessive pump and surge pressures.