SECURE uses in-house proprietary Hydraulics Analysis Tools. A team of in-house hydraulic specialists is dedicated to working with our customers to optimize drilling operations.

SECURE's Hydraulics Program provides the following data:

  • Hydraulics Simulation
  • Hydraulics Analysis
  • Drilling Parameters
  • Flow Graph
  • Directional Difficulty Index
  • Surge and Swab
  • 3D Graph Wellbore Profile


Calculated Parameters

  • Effective Mud Densities / Hydrostatic Pressures
  • Equivalent Circulating Densities, both while drilling and while cleaning
  • Surge and Swab pressures and equivalent densities
  • Frictional Pressure Losses
  • Flow Regimes and Critical Flows
  • Hole Cleaning:
  • Cutting concentration
  • Critical flow rates

Hydraulic Simulation

The Hydraulic Simulation is run after choosing the proper cuttings size, rheological model and slip velocity model. All the mud parameters are collected from our proprietary drilling fluid reporting database program, MudTrac™.

Using our own Surge & Swab program, we perform calculations to measure the effects of surge and swab operations on annular pressures and ECD throughout the hole. With this program, we can seamlessly determine the allowable range of drill-string tripping speeds, enabling the drilling program to avoid costly circulation problems and formation breakdowns.

SECURE energy services uses also additional Landmark’s WELLPLAN™ hydraulics software. The hydraulics software enables accurate fluid circulation system analysis. The program is used to:

  • Study equivalent circulation densities (ECDs)
  • Select flow rates for efficient hole cleaning
  • Report pressure drops and flow regimes

WELLPLAN™ hydraulics software program can compare and show, in a single graph, how the hydraulics of a well can be changed while parameter changes are being run.