Filter Sock Disposal

Filter Sock Disposal NORM Management Services

Filter socks at saltwater disposals in the oil & gas industry, specifically in the Bakken formation, have been found after use to contain elevated levels of Ra-226, Ra-228, and Pb-210.  These radioactive impacted filter socks are not allowed to be disposed of at subtitle D landfills or at any facility in the State of North Dakota.

We provide filter sock containment systems to meet the distinct, on-site needs of some of the largest oil field service companies in Canada and the United States.  SECURE Energy Services is unique in that we hold a radioactive materials license, giving us the ability to handle not only filter socks and filter sock disposal but other NORM impacted residuals as well.  Call us today at (303) 353-1979 or (701) 575-7006 for information and a quote on turn-key filter sock solution for your company.

We have handled every sort of filter media in its various forms and containment systems.  Properly disposing of radioactive impacted filter media is our expertise.  We specialize in surveying, sampling, and disposing of filter media based on the level of radioactivity present.

We will make sure that your filter media is disposed of at an approved facility and always provide a certificate of disposal.  We work hard to remove liability as far as possible from our clients and provide economical, simple solutions to complicated filter media issues.