At SECURE, our number one goal is that all employees, contractors and partners Go Home Safe. We are guided by our policies and procedures but act on our choices. Through continuous improvement of our health and safety management system we are endeavouring to achieve Level 5 Safety. This guides our shared values of working safely and is measured by steps demonstrating these values.

SECURE uses a key performance indicators (KPI) model of tracking and controlling all incidents, including near-miss reporting. We knowledge safe practices at all levels, encouraging everyone to remember why they work safely.

In plain language, here are the 5 Levels of Safety:

  • Level 5 – Safety is at the forefront of our business
  • Level 4 – Safety is engrained in our leadership and values
  • Level 3 – Safety systems build the foundation for the safety program
  • Level 2 – Safety is doing the right thing when incidents happen
  • Level 1 – Safety program meets compliance

The intention of Level 5 Safety is to reach the fifth level by promoting safe behaviours and increasing the proactive measure of employees when it comes to safety.

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