At SECURE, spill prevention is the responsibility of every person on our sites. As a team, we all have a responsibility to:

  • Minimize the impact to the environment
  • Maintain our license to operate
  • Share best practices with all employees, customers and service providers
  • Reduce current and future operating costs

In order for this responsibility to resonate with all members of team SECURE, it takes education. This is where SECURE’s educational campaign, Every Drop Matters, comes in. In 2019, SECURE’s Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) team introduced the program to create a greater understanding around spill prevention and encouraged best practices that would reduce the number and severity of spills.

"Bringing awareness to everyone at SECURE and letting everyone know exactly what their part is with regards to spill prevention is a win-win for the environment and for our organization," says Kerry Mowbray, Manager, HSE & Land.

Every Drop Matters showcases how employees at all levels can make a difference around spill prevention by challenging everyone to look at reaching advanced targets in these critical areas:

  • Equipment integrity
  • Fluid transfer
  • Procedures
  • Site engineering or design

By asking simple questions to understand spill prevention, the team was able to create an outline of key considerations for the program:

  • What can we do to ensure equipment is installed, inspected, tested and maintained?
  • What procedures and equipment are in place to reduce spills related to fluid transfer?
  • How could deviating from our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) compromise spill prevention efforts?

Throughout the campaign rollout, our team continued to see meaningful progress – both in terms of the number, and volume of spills that occurred. This progress reflects our strong reporting culture of hazard identification, resulting in potential spills being identified before a larger spill can occur.


The graph above outlines reportable spills in the last four years and the improvements we have seen in volume and intensity of spills.

In 2021, the HSE team at SECURE will be re-engaging our field operations to seek further awareness and improvement.

"The most important part of this project going forward is the shared awareness around the benefits of slowing down and thinking of steps to either reduce or ultimately eliminate spills altogether," says Kerry.

Every Drop Matters is just one of the many ways that we are working to minimize our impact on the environment here at SECURE. For more information regarding our environmental protection program, please read our 2020 Sustainability Report.