As part of our efforts to be good neighbors, the staff of the Drayton Valley Full Service Terminal participated in a roadside cleanup on May 16, 2013. Five kilometers of ditch alongside Highway 22 has been adopted by the facility for the next three years through Alberta Transportation’s Caring for Alberta’s Highways program.

On that Thursday afternoon, nine workers gathered to grab a quick bite, run through a safety meeting, and then break into two teams of four starting at either end of the ditch and finishing at the middle. One person was appointed to drive the pickup to shuttle people, water, bags and snacks as well as acting as first aid support.

Sixty-three bright orange bags were filled with a vast array of items ranging from Mcdonalds cups to previously enjoyed diapers. A pile of hypodermic needles were flagged and left for the highway crew to dispose of safely. The first item that the south team picked up was a pair of tighty whities. It makes one scratch his head to consider the stories behind the items ending up in the ditch.

The day proved to be an excellent time to work together outside of the regular routine and accomplish a shared goal.

Alberta Transportation has ordered a sign with the company name on it which will mark the section of highway adopted by the facility.

June 2013