We recognize operational safety as paramount to the success of our business and your projects. Rely on us for competent, compliant and most of all continually improving operational safety solutions.

Personnel Safety

We believe that by enhancing our training and competency within our workforce, it promotes communication on safety and loss control through regular safety meetings, acquiring correct work permits and internal company reporting. All full-time SECURE employees and contract personnel are subject to the mandatory company safety orientation and competency standards and exams prior to commencing work. Our safety and loss control program is audited yearly as per provincial government standards. We have an inclusive policy regarding worker compliance and education regarding Alcohol and Drug Testing and Substance Abuse remediation. We are proud to have an exceptional industry safety record.


Reliable equipment, tools and vehicles are critical to the success of every project. SECURE is focused on preventative maintenance and provides equipment to client projects that is new, regularly conditioned and inspected, and in excellent working condition. All tools, equipment and vehicles are in a condition that reduces the potential for operational failure or personal injury.

Motor vehicles

SECURE recognizes one of the most dangerous aspects of our industry, and day-to-day lives, is driving. Therefore, appropriate SECURE vehicles are equipped with in-vehicle monitoring systems which notify our vehicle operators and their administrators when an unsafe driving action is taking place on both public and private roadways. SECURE truck drivers participate in all Provincial and Federally Regulated Transportation Programs and maintain all equipment to the highest standard. We observe a full code of practice regarding journey management and community courtesy for driver management in all areas.