Baytex Energy is one of many producers working in the Clearwater play, and a long-standing partner of the SECURE Fluid Management Division since 2014.

Our dedicated Drilling Fluids Technical Department has been diligently working with Baytex on this formation since 2019 to help build and refine a formation-specific fluid system.

This Baytex-SECURE working partnership has used a methodical approach to analyze core to ensure minimal damage and maximum regain which has helped Baytex achieve impressive drilling and production results over the past quarter. SECURE’s low damage Dual Salt system synergistically eliminates clay hydration, and maximizes production with flowback enhancing chemistry.

“We remain focused on capital discipline, generating free cash flow and reducing debt,” commented Ed LaFehr, Baytex President and Chief Executive Officer. “We also materially advanced our Clearwater development with ten wells drilled at Peavine, including three wells averaging 30-day initial production rates of 1,100 bbl/d per well. These exceptional wells have enabled us to more than double our Clearwater production to 8,000 bbl/d today.”

Congratulations to Baytex for exceeding expectations on their Q1 drilling program in the Peavine Area. We at SECURE are proud to be part of the success of this project and team!

For more information, see Baytex Energy’s Q1 2022 Q1 Financial Results.

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