They are our fathers, our brothers, and our sons. They are our friends, our colleagues and our mentors. They are the men in our lives, and their mental and physical health is important all year round. But for the month of November, Movember, and all who support them, rally together to raise funds, have vital conversations, and raise awareness surrounding men’s health.

SECURE has been a long-time supporter of Movember. We recognize the importance of education and resources regarding mental and physical health. The 2022 Movember campaign was our most successful, with a company record breaking number of employees participating and funds raised. Through individual employee fundraising efforts, internal committee planned initiatives, and a company match, SECURE raised an incredible $346,263.00. Our 2022 campaign saw massive growth over that of 2021. Our funds raised grew by 408% and our employee participation grew by an incredible 1050%. Not only did our 2022 campaign bring in SECURE’s highest contribution to Movember to date, but it also earned us the title of Oil Rig Rumble Champions. The Oil Rig Rumble is a challenge set out by the team at Movember, which calls on the companies within the Canadian Oil & Gas industry to compete against each other to raise the most funds. Learn more about the 2022 challenge HERE.

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All 161 employees who participated deserve a massive round of applause and thank you; however, one employee stands out. Garry Smith, VP Trading, raised an unbelievable $195,804.98. Through individual efforts and our company match, Garry came in third on the Individual Canadian Leaderboard. Thank you, Garry!

At the heart of SECURE’s efforts is our long-time campaign champion, Greg Filipchuk, VP Midstream Operations. Greg’s leadership only begins with SECURE’s operations. Greg is also a leader in advocating for and bringing awareness to, men’s health. He is helping break the stigma surrounding mental health by encouraging conversation and asking tough questions.

“The methodology around leadership is changing where it’s okay for a leader to stand in front of people and say, “I don’t know”. It’s okay for a leader to stand in front of people and say, “I’m worried about this...or scared about that” says Greg. “And it’s something we can collectively do together. The approach I’ve been taking is to be able to show vulnerability myself.”

- Greg Filipchuk

Read more about Greg’s story here.

SECURE is proud of the employees who participated in and supported the 2022 campaign. Some highlights from the month include:

  • Employee Health and Wellness Fair
  • Spin Class for Movember
  • FIFA World Cup Viewing Party & Chili Cook-off
  • Multiple Bake Sales
  • Regional Movember initiatives including silent auctions, pub nights and bake sales
  • Virtual closing of the TSX on November 28th – view it here

A huge thank you to all those who donated funds and time to the SECURE campaign. We look forward to the Movember 2023 campaign and coming together again to help change the face of men’s health.


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