With the upcoming long weekend approaching, we're ready for a sunny kick-off to summertime. With that, comes road trips.

While summer road trips (and the possibility of loosened restrictions after 14 months of social distancing) are sure to be a highlight of the year, it’s important to remain committed to safety. 

SECURE is committed to inspiring, motivating and supporting a health and safety culture that aligns with our Vision, Purpose, Mission and Values to ensure that everyone goes home safe.

This commitment extends to all our people including employees, contractors, vendors and suppliers.
SECURE follows our “8 Life Saving Rules” to ensure that all employees, contractors and partners go home safe. These rules are intended to eliminate significant incidents associated with our most frequent high-risk work activities. Among these rules is one that is key to a good and safe long weekend – drive safely.

While the “8 Life Saving Rules” were designed for the workplace, they should be considered outside of work as well – specifically “Drive Safely” as we head into the long weekend. Driving is the most dangerous activity we engage in every day. With a significant increase in the number of vehicles on highways over the long weekend, journey management is extremely important.

“Being safe doesn't just end at work,” says Erica Barry, Health and Safety Analyst. “It should extend through all areas of your life. We want all employees to take safety home with them.”

A couple things to remember before heading out for the long weekend:

  1. Be mindful of motorcyclists, campers and trailers on the highway.
  2. Always ensure that a route, driver and appropriate emergency communication are planned.
  3. Have emergency equipment, such as a flashlight, blanket and first aid kit available in the vehicle
  4. Wear a seatbelt, drive well rested and, most importantly, sober.

Now that all that is taken care of, it's time to dive into whatever fun you have planned. Just remember, a little bit of planning goes a long way to ensuring a safe and fun filled long weekend!

For more on SECURE’s commitment to safety, read our 2020 Sustainability Report.