It's simple – when you play, you learn. Think of all the lessons you learned as a child through sport and play. Among the endless list, sport teaches leadership, teamwork and sportsmanship. It builds character, healthy habits and friendships. 

KidSport is a national not-for-profit organization that provides financial assistance for registration fees and equipment to kids aged 18 and under. SECURE has been lucky to support with this organization for over 6 years. KidSport claims,

"By supporting KidSport we all win. When kids have access to sport they improve in school, become stronger leaders, create safer communities, ignite inclusivity and fuel healthy habits for life."

SECURE's very own President and CEO, Rene Amirault is a proud supporter of KidSport Alberta and KidSport Calgary. In February 2020, Rene had the chance to be KidSport's ambassador for the month of February.

In celebration of KidSport's 25 anniversary, throughout February the organization, with Rene's help, focused on the idea that when you play, you learn. Rene was interviewed on what this means to him and two clips were released. 

When You Play, You Learn – My Sport Experience

In the first episode, Rene discusses his experience growing up playing sports, how he learned from these experiences and how it has helped his career.

"The interpersonal and teamwork skills learned when dealing with multiple challenges in sport have come in use every day, positively impacting my life," says Rene.

Watch Episode 1, When You Play, You Learn – My Sport Experience, now.

When You Play, You Learn – Why KidSport

In the second and final episode, Rene discusses the importance of sport and why he chose to partner with KidSport.

"The foundational [skills] that you build from kids being involved in sport – the playing, the learning, the ability to work towards a common goal… are there with KidSport," says Rene.

Watch Episode 2, When You Play, You Learn – Why KidSport.