SECURE can provide the expertise you need to find innovative and cost-saving opportunities to minimize the environmental impact of your activities. We can help you manage your environmental liabilities safely and efficiently, while recovering value from waste streams. As your partner, you can trust us to help you achieve your environmental goals through customized solutions that deliver results. We have the capabilities to see your project through responsibly from beginning to end, with our expertise with all environmental requirements and challenges, patented drilling fluids to minimize environmental impact and drilling time, and state-of-the-art waste management and custom treating facilities equipped with sophisticated monitoring and measurement systems, we ensure an environmentally responsible and cost effective result. SECURE understands the factors that define environmental success - such as safety, overall project cost and operational efficiency - and have engineered solutions to deliver.

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Environmental protection guidelines

SECURE is committed to protecting the environment during all phases of its operations. All personnel working for or contracted to SECURE are expected to follow SECURE guidelines and all environmental regulations. Prior to starting any work activities, workers are familiarized with any site-specific spill prevention control plans and trained as required in the proper monitoring of operations. SECURE environmental protection guidelines include:

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 Waste management and Emergency planning

Proper waste management is a critical element of SECURE’s Management System. SECURE will always segregate waste materials to maximize opportunities for reuse or recycling. If disposal is the only practical option, all wastes are disposed of in a manner that is consistent with regulations and standards. Please refer to our Full-Service terminalsStand-alone water disposal facilities and Landfills for safe disposal options.

Our Emergency planning requires that all workers are familiar with the plan in place for every site and potential emergency associated with that site. They are also responsible for the help of ensuring the accuracy of any site-specific emergency response and crisis communication plan for their area as well as the corporate emergency response and crisis communication plan.