At SECURE, we’re guided by principles of sustainability and responsible development – just like our new partner, Katal Energy Inc.

SECURE is proud to work with Katal on a pilot project to implement their nano-engineered diesel fuel additive at our Willesden Green Landfill. This exciting partnership comes as SECURE looks to reduce Nitrous Oxides (NOx) and Particulate Matter (PM) emissions from diesel-burning machinery at our waste processing facilities.

Katal’s fuel additive, Katal Ionic Clean, provides a third-party-verified solution to reduce emissions from diesel-burning engines.

Team SECURE is proud to provide the opportunity for Katal to further prove their product reduces emissions.

The goal doesn’t stop at domestic reductions – Katal hopes to export the solution to nations with high diesel consumption such as heavily industrialized and densely populated urban areas.

Katal’s mission is to pave a path to cleaner air and address the global public health issue of poor air quality. Katal Ionic Clean aims to improve emissions, lower fuel consumption, and improve overall engine health. As of February 2023, the SECURE Willesden Green Industrial landfill team has the product in two heavy equipment dozers to confirm efficacy.

SECURE is testing the product at the Willesden Green and Pembina Industrial Landfills, historical data has been collected and analyzed across both facilities. Katal Ionic Clean has been added to the equipment fuel at SECURE's Willesden Green Industrial landfill, which will be compared to the site's historical data along with data from dozers at SECURE's Pembina Landfill. Third-party validation has already confirmed the reduction of NOx and PM emissions. Katal is seeking further data on fuel consumption performance and engine health parameters through this trial.

In addition to reducing NOx and PM emissions, Katal Ionic Clean offers other benefits to diesel engines, such as improving cetane levels and lubricity. These features enhance engine performance and reduce wear and tear on engine components, ultimately extending the life of heavy equipment assets.

Katal’s commitment is to think local but act global.

"As a company committed to innovation, we are excited about the opportunity to collaborate with SECURE, another forward-thinking company. This trial will allow us to showcase the effectiveness of Katal Ionic Clean in real-world conditions and provide valuable data to further enhance our offering." said Colleen Jackson, Manager of Business Operations at Katal.

Showcasing their effectiveness in the Canadian market will help pave the way for expansion into the global market with the goal of reducing harmful emissions worldwide and improving air quality for all.

The data collected from SECURE will be instrumental in facilitating Katal’s goal to drive significant changes.


“It’s really exciting to be a part of something that supports SECURE’s sustainability commitment,” says Bowen Tenhove (pictured right), SECURE Willesden Landfill Lead Operator. “We are always taking care of other people’s waste, so it is cool to do something that makes the whole process cleaner.”

Wondering what’s next?

SECURE and Katal’s test period is three months to gather data. Stay tuned to SECURE’s socials for updates on the results of this exciting sustainability opportunity.