In 1985, Randy Harper owned a metals recycling facility in Red Deer, Alberta called Harper’s Metals. Over the next almost 40 years, Harper’s Metals would become HMI Industries, Tervita Corporation and now SECURE Metals Recycling. Throughout this evolution, there would be one familiar and very smiley face that remained dedicated to his work in Red Deer.

Quang Nguyen immigrated to Alberta from Vietnam in 1985. Shortly after his arrival, his father passed away and he was determined to find work to help support his family. In his search for work Quang came across Harper’s Metals, walked onto the site, and said he would like to work there. Eventually, Quang would meet his wife and settle in Red Deer.

“I was short a flame cutter, I showed him a propane cutting outfit and asked him to light it.” Randy Harper recounts. “It confused him, but he had clearly used cutting gases somewhere. I showed him once, then he set the flame better than I had. Six months later he told me he had worked in shipyards in Asia. Quang was a quick learner and understood equipment. The old Moseley baler was next, then eventually progressing to the low-pressure excavators we had converted to operate with magnets and grapples.”

Over the next 38 years, Quang would continue to evolve and grow his skillset to become what he is today -  Heavy Equipment Operator & Trainer.

“Quang was my choice to run the Linkbelt excavator with its Labounty shear. The care he took of the machine and the skills he developed rewarded my confidence in him.” says Randy. “Quang rates amongst the best employees that I’ve had.”

In 2021, Tervita merged with SECURE Energy and the metals division is now lead by Al Laplante, Vice President, Metals Recycling & Rail Services.

“Quang has been an excellent employee and quite the leader for 38 years within SECURE and its predecessors.” says Al. “Quang has not only impressed all operators within the SECURE family, but also externally with many third party manufacturers rating him as ‘one of if not the best operators that they have ever seen.’ On a personal level, Quang has always been a prankster and creates great humour within those that he works with.  I feel very fortunate to have known Quang for close to 30 years and am very proud to consider him not only a work colleague, but also a friend.”

Quang truly loves coming to work every day and has made close friends throughout his years. You will always catch Quang with a smile on his face, a positive attitude, and the willingness to help wherever he can. He has experienced working at client sites but says the metals yard in Red Deer is where he feels most at home. He enjoys spending his day  working with the people that he has grown close with who work hard and of course, share some laughs along the way.

Thank you for your years of service Quang! SECURE is fortunate to have you on our team.




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