Every November, Team SECURE come together to raise funds, have discussions and bring awareness to men’s mental and physical health. Movember provides an important opportunity for us to break down stigmas and raise money for a life-saving cause. Though growing a mustache is a classic symbol of Movember, Team SECURE participates in many different ways including movement, hosting events and bake sales and providing opportunities to have conversations.

When it comes to rallying together to support important causes, SECURE employees do it best and Movember is no exception. For the month of November, we donate and participate in different events to help Movember in their mission to change the face of men’s physical and mental health. To date, we have raised over $500,000 to help fund resources and research to make a difference in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

Changing the face of men’s health. Together.

Movember and what it stands for aligns with the values and programs SECURE supports year-round. As a company, we strive to always do the right thing and we care about our people. There remains a stigma around men’s mental and physical health and we strive to do our part to break down that stigma and open the door to meaningful conversations, support and resources.

SECURE has created a safe space to have tough conversations, share personal stories and experiences and help each other through health challenges – both physical and mental.

Campaign Success in 2023

Kicking off our campaign, SECURE was proud to host the 2023 Movember VIP Breakfast. The event brought together industry peers and community members to take part in a presentation from Movember, have conversations and strike up some friendly competition through the Oil Rig Rumble. Though we compete for the title of Oil Rig Rumble Champions, we all share the common goal of raising as much money and awareness as we can for Movember.

On his LinkedIn page following the event, Mitch Hermansen, Director of Development at Movember, wrote:

“Thank you to our friends at SECURE Energy for hosting, and to ALL of our Movember supporters across the world getting ready to Mo with us this year. We couldn’t change the face of men’s health without you.”

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Raising Funds and Having Fun Along the Way

Our month long campaign was packed with different events, both SECURE employee and Movember run. We kicked off the month on November 1st with an employee breakfast, showcased our skills at the Oil Rig Rumble Dodgeball Tournament, got our heart rates up and our annual Spin for Movember spin class, learned all about some of the best whiskies in the world at our Whisky tasting event, enjoyed home made treats at our numerous bake sales and held industry pub nights with all proceeds going to Movember. This year, through employee raised funds and a dollar-for-dollar company match, SECURE raised over $236,000, earning us the title of Oil Rig Rumble Champions for the second year in a row.

“Our employees are the reason we have such successful campaigns each year.” says Greg Filipchuk, VP of Midstream Operations. “The passion to drive change through Movember is unmatched, and I am so proud of team SECURE.”

Thank you to all the employees who participated in a supported the 2023 campaign. We look forward to many more years supporting Movember and helping them change the face of men’s health.

For more information on Movember, please visit https://ca.movember.com/


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